As part of the 150th Anniversary Celebrations of the Ottawa Police Service, a museum project was established to celebrate the history of policing in the Ottawa area, including police services that existed prior to amalgamation in 1995.

Museum exhibits were established, and displayed throughout 2005 at the Nepean Museum as well as the Bytown Museum, to tell the rich history of the Ottawa Police Service from 1855 to present day. The exhibits served to collect, preserve, research, exhibit and interpret significant historical artifacts of the Ottawa Police and its members, both past and present.

Photo of police officer at Miracode machine

When the town of Bytown incorporated and adopted the name of Ottawa in 1855, Chief Roderick Ross became the first Chief Constable. Life as an officer was not easy with their duties consisting largely of keeping public order - much of that involved liquor. Rather than earn a salary, the officers were paid $1 for every culprit they brought in. Since those humble and difficult beginnings, the Ottawa Police Service has evolved into today's highly trained and technically equipped service.