Forage Cap of Chief Thomas Flanagan S.C.

1989 to 1993 Collection of the Flanagan Family

Photo: Thomas Flanagan Beginning his career in 1951, Chief Flanagan made quite an impression on our community. With participation in most high profile cases and earning the nickname "Fleet-Foot Flanagan" for his ability to chase down a suspect, he was truly considered a "policeman's policeman".

Sworn in as Chief of the Ottawa Police on Canada Day in 1989, Thomas Flanagan's greatest love was working with the community. During his career, he was awarded the Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct, the Star of Courage, as well as the Police Exemplary Service Medal.

After creating such a strong legacy in policing, the Police headquarters was officially named after him in 1993. Policing in the Flanagan Family continues, as three of his sons are current members of the Ottawa Police Service.

Each year, the Ottawa Police Services Board and the Ottawa Police Service, in partnership with the Community Foundation of Ottawa, have the honour to provide the Thomas G. Flanagan S.C. Scholarship to visible minority women and Aboriginal women who express an interest in joining the Ottawa Police Service. Although the deadline has passed for 2005, you may be eligible next year. Download the form for more information.

Photo: Thomas Flanagan Forage Cap Photo: Thomas Flanagan Forage Cap Photo: Flanagan SC Award