Being Green

Did you know? OPS wants to be a GREEN police service.

The Ottawa Police Service believes in being environmentally responsible.  Patrolling our city has an incredible impact on emissions and the environment but OPS has reduced emissions while still providing excellent service to the community. We're taking great strides to reduce the carbon footprint left by the Service. Here's how:

Green Patrol Cars:

  • The new Ottawa Police cruisers (Ford Taurus, seen in photo to the right) was picked for several reasons including its fuel efficiency and potential to reuse various used parts from older vehicles.
  • Our cruisers use multiple idling reduction technologies to save fuel and a solar panel that charges an auxiliary battery that runs the Mobile Dispatch Terminal, in-car radio, emergency lights, and any other equipment without even starting the car.  
  • OPS has an in-car heater that requires a single drop of fuel to run.  It can heat the entire cab and keep the windows defrosted without idling the vehicle. 
  • OPS is committed to reducing idling time. For every hour that a vehicle idles, it accumulates the equivalent of 53 kilometres of driving.  By reducing just 30 minutes of idle time of each vehicle on each shift, we can save 3,780 hours of idle time or 3,339 kilometres of wear on vehicles, per month.

Green Building:

  • Our newest police building, the West Division Patrol Station is another example of our efforts to being a ‘greener’ service. The building has achieve the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) "Gold" certification. The LEED program is a Green Building Rating System, which provides a suite of standards for the environmentally sustainable design, construction and operation of buildings and neighborhoods.
  • Some of the energy and environmental features being recognized include energy efficient radiant heating and cooling, and low water consumption. As well, 75 % of the construction waste was diverted from landfill, and 30 % of all construction material contained recycled content.