How to Form Partnerships

In more and more cities across the country, crime prevention and problem solving are no longer strictly police activities, but rather community activities accomplished through the efforts and collaboration of many agencies, groups and individuals, including the police. Working as equal partners with individuals and groups means breaking new ground - developing new skills and joining with newly empowered groups of residents - to tackle any problem or concern.

Forming Partnerships

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  • PIA - A New Way of Thinking

  • Partnership Opportunities

  • Finding Partners

  • Working as Partners - How to get started

  • Overcoming Obstacles

  • What Others Are Doing

  • Encouraging Partnership Through Dialogue

Questions about Community Meetings

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  • Why are community meetings important?

  • Where is the best location to hold a community meeting?

  • Who should be invited to a community meeting?

  • What is on a typical community meeting agenda?

  • How are critical issues decided upon?

  • How do I become informed so I can make good decisions?

  • How can I become a problem-solver?

  • How do I get more information?