Cold Cases

Black and white photo showing a police officer looking at fingerprintsThe present Ottawa Police Service was formed in 1995 by the amalgamation of the Ottawa Police, Gloucester Police and Nepean Police Services. In 2000, policing in the outlying areas of the City were assumed from the Ontario Provincial Police creating a patrol territory roughly the same size as the Province of Prince Edward Island. A review of the criminal records in the amalgamation process revealed that there were thirty-two incidents of suspected homicide dating back as far as 1962.

Some of the cases under review in the Cold Case Section include:

Victim: Ms. Rose Baillargeon
Date Reported: Dec 1966
Location: 1-249 Frank Street, Ottawa

The body of Ms. Baillargeon was found by a neighbour in the basement of her Frank Street apartment. Evidence of recent sexual activity was noted and the cause of death was attributed to asphyxia due to strangulation. No witnesses were reported and the victim was last seen in the company of an unknown male the afternoon before she was discovered deceased. A single fingerprint was also found at the scene and found not to be that of the victim. A number of potential persons of interest were identified at the time and few were eliminated.

Victim: Ms. Jeanne St. Germain
Date Reported: June 1970
Location: National Defence Headquarters, Laurier Street West, Ottawa

Ms. St. Germain, a Civilian employee of the Department of National Defence was working in a Communications office in the National Defence Headquarters located in the basement level of a building on Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, Ontario. Persons unknown placed an explosive device on the ground outside the window of the office of her office. On detonation the bomb destroyed the communications centre killing Ms. St. Germain.

The original investigation was conducted by the Ottawa Police in conjunction with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Victim: Mr. Wasil [William] Gubin
Date Reported: Jan 1970
Location: 1406 Bank Street, Ottawa

Mr. Wasil (William) Gubin was found deceased in the shoe store attached to his residence at 1406 Bank Street, Ottawa by his wife. It is believed from a review of the crime scene that person(s) unknown had broken into the residence via the front door of the shoe shop and had confronted Mr. Gubin in the store in what was believed to be a robbery. The front window of the store had been broken and blood (other than the victim's) was found on glass shards at the front door. There were no known witnesses to the matter and a number of suspects were interviewed and later released. No other information was reported. The investigation continues.

If you have information about any of the above cases, contact the Ottawa Police Cold Case office at (613) 236-1222, extension 2547 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at (613) 233-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-222-8477.